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Mon, 30 May 2022

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Smooth Operations At Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) After Airasia Move


Today marks the fourth day of smooth operations at KKIA after AirAsia’s move on 1 December 2015 which brings a total of 16 commercial airlines operating at Terminal 1. 

Since the consolidation of operations under one roof, the terminal has seen an increase in the number of daily flight average to 200 flights per day. The number of passengers flying through the terminal has also increased to approximately 18,000 passengers per day compared to 8,000 passengers from before. To date, a total of 272 AirAsia flights have flown in and out of the terminal at the rate of 68 flights daily.

KKIA is an important gateway into Sabah bringing in tourists who flock in to the state to enjoy its many tourist attractions. According to Sabah Tourism, up to September 2015, visitor arrivals in Sabah for the year are in excess of 2 million. 

The terminal has the capacity to cater up to 9 million passengers per year and is fully equipped with facilities that will ensure passenger convenience and comfort such as ample parking space, passenger boarding bridges (PBB), and various retail and F&B outlets within the terminal. 

AirAsia flight AK6350 from Kuching was the airline’s first flight to utilise the PBB after landing at KKIA in inclement weather yesterday. Sales receipts at some outlets has also increased by about 50% in the last four days due to more people passing through the terminal since the move. Airports these days do not merely function as gateways but play a very important role in boosting local economy through its commercial offerings.

KKIA also welcomed China Southern Airlines’ inaugural flight from Guangzhou on 1 December at 5.30 pm local time. The airline provides three flights a week from Guangzhou to Kota Kinabalu.

Malaysia Airports is pleased to note that passengers travelling to Sabah are now able to enjoy more comfort and convenience in line with our mission to create joyful experiences at our airports.

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