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Mon, 30 May 2022

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Incoming International Passengers And Flight Crew Screened For Coronavirus At Airports.

Malaysia Airports has prepared mitigation plans in close collaboration with Ministry of Health

SEPANG- Malaysia Airports is working closely with the Ministry of Health (MOH) to screen international passengers at its gateway airports across the country in light of the Coronavirus outbreak originating from Wuhan, China. Extra measures are being taken by the airport operator, the relevant agencies and the airlines to ensure that the risk of exposure is minimised for the safety of everyone, especially the passengers and staff working at the terminal. We would like to reassure everyone that we are taking this outbreak seriously and we will not compromise the well-being of our stakeholders.

One of the measures taken by the MOH and supported by Malaysia Airports is the carrying out of thermal screening for arriving passengers and flight crews from China. We have allocated special medical bays for quarantine purposes at the arrival gates to cater to any passengers who are exhibiting symptoms of the virus. Apart from that, we have reassigned the arrival gates for the incoming flights from China to be nearer to the medical bay to expedite the quarantine procedure and minimise the risk of exposure to a wider crowd.

Our airline partners are making the necessary announcements to their passengers on board and distributing a Health Alert Card (HAC) issued by the MOH for passengers to declare their current state of health. Those who are having a fever or cough or facing difficulties in breathing will be immediately brought to the nearest hospital upon arrival. The HAC are also distributed at the immigration counters. The Airport has provided masks and hand sanitisers for staff to use and placed strategically across the terminal.

Malaysia Airports would like to remind the traveling public to be safe and responsible by wearing a mask at all times and to use hand sanitizer to maintain maximum hygiene during this outbreak.

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